If you are thinking of building a Custom Home, the first thing to keep in mind is the land you are building on. For first-time land buyers and some home builders, it’s not always clear what key elements are most valuable and beneficial and what restrictions exist. That’s why we at  Paradigm Homes offer our expertise to clients seeking to build a brand-new Custom Home on a plot of land that they can choose. We have worked diligently for over a decade, becoming a team of the most reputable Custom Home Builders in all of Arlington, Virginia, as well as throughout the Northern VA region. 

We also provide an array of additional services, including Design/Build, Pop Top Additions, as well as helping you find trustworthy financial resources to help you finance your Custom Home. Here are a few of the characteristics you should consider when looking to buy and build on your own lot:

Year-Round Access

While most homeowners presume that they would be able to access their home at any time, some properties do not allow for it. Particularly, when it comes to living on property lots out in the country, or areas that haven’t been developed yet, some of them may not be accessible during certain times of the year. This is often due to the effects of certain inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rains causing mudslides or flooding, as well as snowfall inhibiting normal means of travel. The presence or lack of infrastructure that deters the natural elements is a significant factor to consider when you are looking at purchasing a piece of land. 

Water Front

Similarly to the previous section, a natural element to keep in mind when you are thinking of purchasing property is whether it is near a body of water, such as a stream, river or lake. This can be greatly beneficial to potential buyers, as waterfront property is among the most valuable due to its location, appearance, and regular access for activities such as swimming, canoeing, or fishing. However, one risk involved with waterfront properties is that they can be more likely to be affected by floods. In this case, be sure to obtain a floodplain map in order to see how exposed a property may be.

Conservation Easement

A conservation easement is meant to constrain any capability for customization and is enforced by either a private land conservation organization or the government, whether it be local, state, or federal. They are meant to ensure that the greater environment surrounding the property is maintained as its ownership is passed from one estate to the next, ensuring its sustainability in the future. 

It is vital to learn if a certain piece of land that you are looking at is tied to a conservation easement, as it may limit how much you are able to develop it into a residence, which may not be to every potential owner’s liking. However, there are tax benefits that come along with such restrictions, as an incentive for owners to purchase and continue the easements conditions. Think about these things in your long-term considerations in purchasing a piece of land for your Custom Home.

Paradigm Homes: Amazing Custom Home Buildings in Arlington, Virginia   

There are many things you should stay attentive to when looking to purchase a property to build your future Custom Home. From legal requirements to the natural elements, a piece of land has many strings tied to it and building a residence on top of all of that can be strenuous at best. However, with the help of our team at the Paradigm Homes, you’ll be able to focus more on your location and design preferences for your home, while we handle looking into the details of a particular lot – a service we provide through our real estate connections and the logistics and labor that goes into constructing your beautiful Custom Built Home. 

For many residents in Arlington, Virginia, as well as numerous others throughout the Northern Virginia region, we have provided our professional services as the go-to Custom Home Builders. For over a decade, we have had a plethora of clients who have found satisfaction and joy in the work we do, and continue to do, in designing and building the perfect homes for the best value. 

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