As you might expect, building a home from scratch can be an arduous process if working with the wrong team. It requires a lot of planning even before you’ve chosen a building company to work with. Nevertheless, keeping your Home Build efficient and within budget depends on how well you arrange its initial elements.

Paradigm Homes is a dedicated team of experienced Custom Home Builders with expertise in Home Design, project management, and efficient construction. We have guided many clients through the Home Build process. Homeowners across Falls Church, VA, favor our services and refer us to their friends and family. They compliment how easy and enjoyable we’ve made their projects, from Pop-Top Additions to Design/Build services.

Below, we provide a few tips to consider before starting your Home Build project:

  1. Explore Layouts & Styles

    When it comes to building your own home, you and your loved ones can come up with diverse features and styles that you want to see. Make a list or an outline of what you would want in the Custom Home you wish to build. Resources like Houzz and Pinterest are a great place to start!

    Also, consider your ideal number of rooms and floors, square footage, and room dimensions around your new house. More details will help shape your future home’s floor plan, house size, and overall design.

  2. Make a Draft Budget

    This next part can be tricky without the experience of our Custom Home Builders, but it isn’t impossible. While our team has the experience to help you establish your budget as well as keep your project within it, creating an initial budget helps building companies gain a better sense of your priorities, limits, and expectations.

  3. Think About Saving Money

    As you research for your Home Build project, consider how you can cut costs by balancing your wants and needs in your overall design. While you don’t have to shortchange yourself, Paradigm can help you compare prices for the fittings, fixtures, and other materials.

    Another way to reduce costs is to select an accessible lot that will not require great preparation before construction. Thus, look for opportunities that won’t require a long driveway, or land clearing, all of which can drag down your budget quickly.

  4. Shop for the Right Mortgage

    Finally, take time to survey your financial resources for your home project. For most people, this calls for checking whether they qualify for an affordable mortgage that will cover the costs of their project.

    Furthermore, look into a mortgage loan made for Home Builders, which is also known as a construction loan or construction mortgage. This short-term loan – which usually lasts a year – can cover the costs of a Home Build project. They exist aside from traditional home mortgage loans because, to a lender, building a home is riskier than simply purchasing one.

    Working with seasoned Custom Home Builders simplifies this process, as they can compile the necessary details before you go to a lender. Paradigm has helped numerous clients get worthwhile construction loans from trusted lenders and partners

Paradigm Homes: Supportive Custom Home Builders in Falls Church, VA

As you plan out your Home Build project, reach out to the professional Custom Home Builders at Paradigm. We can guide you through the details of your project, then provide you with a team of seasoned professionals to complete it on schedule and within budget. We can also help you find and purchase a lot as well as, introduce you to reliable Home Build lenders. Our comprehensive service is why we are continuously sought out by clients throughout Falls Church, VA. Contact us today at (703) 476-5877  or fill out our form to schedule a meeting with our Design/Build team.