The need for expansion, whether for a commercial space or more residential housing, is progressively increasing in our economy. Employers and corporations are recognizing the competitive advantages in moving to infill locations that are closer to a central city. Infill construction is the process of building on a vacant or under-used plot of land that may exist between two established properties, giving new life to older neighborhoods. 

At Paradigm Homes, we are dedicated to helping you improve the functionality and efficiency of your home. With our Custom Home services, we will guide you through the whole process – from finding a lot, the Home Teardown and Design/Build process to the last finishing touches. Our team of elite Home Builders have helped clients throughout Arlington and the Northern Virginia area to create the home of their dreams, and we are eager to help with your own home. Below are a few factors that make small infill homes attractive to home buyers: 

1. Proximity To The Metropolis 

Urban infill gives homes to the community that are in close proximity to local amenities. Grocery stores, restaurants, schools and commercial spaces located within walking distance reduces the cost of gas and allows for more leisurely activities. It also contributes to a higher population of residency, which in turn, could encourage cities to establish more resources, such as public transportation. Infill development can also lower the economic pressures on outlying areas, improving the air quality by placing buildings near existing transit. 

2. Smaller, Unique Sizes 

Infill sites are usually small and compact. Because of this, builders and architects must get creative when tackling the design and build. When you are looking to increase the square footage of your home, utilizing the air space that is available is a good tactic. Loft style and townhomes are also popular solutions. 

3. Affordability

Since most infill sites are built from pre-existing sites, repurposing the existing foundations will lower the cost of the materials. Salvaging existing materials could also possibly lead to tax savings through your donations of these materials. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

There are major environmental advantages to building an infill home. Building as small as possible saves materials while still providing you everything with you may need. Placing your infill home close to urban areas will also help reduce the amount of cars, which improves the quality of air. Conversely, as trends are moving toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle, the demand for rural and suburban homes are decreasing. This allows the nature in those previously populated areas to flourish. 

5. Changing Demographics

Millennials and most of the younger generations typically prefer walking, biking, and taking public transit. Consumer research demonstrates that nearly two-thirds of millennials want to live within walking distance of a metropolitan area, making infill development popular to those looking to build near their work. 

Let Us Assist You in Your Own Home Teardown Project in Arlington, VA! 

As the demand for infill development grows, let Paradigm Homes assist you in making your one-of-a-kind Custom Home Design a reality. With our exemplary Design/Build services, each step of the building process will be efficient and convenient! Our Home Teardown and Design/Build team will take care of the details while you focus on your dream design. Contact us at (703) 476-5877 for more information on starting your ideal home.