Among the biggest decisions anyone can make is purchasing a home. And keep in mind that there are several options that may fit your preferences and needs. But, with the help of an experienced Custom Home Build company, you can go beyond buying an existing home. 

At Paradigm Homes, we have worked with hundreds of homebuyers to Design/Build their dream homes. Although some choose to build from scratch, others customize their existing homes through our safe House Teardowns and Design/Build services. We are dedicated to helping people in Arlington and throughout Northern Virginia create the home they always dreamed of living in. 

Below, we discuss what you should know about buying an existing home and Building a Custom Home: 

Why You Would Buy a House

Most people buy a home rather than build one. It can appear far easier. You need only get approved by a trustworthy lender, shop according to price range and preferences, and then make an offer. If your bid wins and closes the deal, you need only sign the paperwork and stick the key in the door.

Why You Wouldn’t Buy a House

Of course, there are reasons why you may not want to buy a home. For instance, most homes on the market today have outdated infrastructure and systems. They can be inefficient and expensive to own or upgrade. 

Also, many buyers find that most homes lack all the features and qualities they want. The size, the outdoor space, or the location may not suit their needs. Thus, buying a home often calls for balancing between getting what one needs, what one wants, and what’s on the market. 

You may consider renovating an existing home to ensure you incorporate more of your style preferences and needs. Or purchase it solely to tear it down and use the lot for your new custom home.

Why You Would Build a House

Building a new home offers numerous advantages to buying an existing one. First, you’re more likely to get what you want. You can choose the lot to build on as well as the dimensions and features of the design. 

Additionally, building a new house ensures it’s up-to-spec in electrical wiring, plumbing,  heating, ventilation, cooling, insulation, and air filtration. Moreover, you can prepare your home for future upgrades such as smart home automation and solar power. Newer appliances also mean higher safety and energy efficiency. This saves money, lowers utility bills, and protects the environment. 

Why You Wouldn’t Build a House

Of course, just as buying a home has its strengths and weaknesses, so does building a house. It is important to have realistic expectations when choosing this option. Building is often a long process that is also a much longer timeframe before the actual move-in. That being said, you may discover it is worth the wait to avoid unexpected headaches down the road. You also want to ensure to hire a trusted and reputable builder like Paradigm Homes who can help guide you through the process and help limit unexpected surprises. It is easy to quickly go over budget so working with a trusted partner to guide you is paramount.

Which is Better: Buying or Building? 

In short, neither. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and the decision to go with one or the other largely depends on your available funds, your needs, and your preferences. For some, buying a house fits within their budget and move-in timeframe. Others may want a unique home that fits entirely with their style and preferences, and they can afford the time and costs of building from scratch. 

Choose Professional and Efficient House Teardown Services in Arlington, VA!

Our team at the Paradigm Homes has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. We discussed their wants and needs in a home and provided excellent results for those buying or building their own Custom Homes. While we provide Design/Build services, as well as assistance with Lot & Land Sales, we also perform professional House Teardowns for clients in Arlington and throughout Northern Virginia. Our services cover every process in Custom Home Building in order to serve our clients’ needs. 

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