“Aging in Place” is when you have the ability to continue living in your own home as you grow older. While aging may change our needs of everyday life, it does not have to affect where you live, if you plan properly. Hiring a team of experts in design and construction can allow you to add design features to your own custom-built home that can create endless ease and comfort for you in later years. 

Paradigm Homes has spent over a decade serving as adept custom home builders for residents in Crystal City and throughout the Northern Virginia area. We strive to help our clients design and build excellent custom homes suited to meet each of their specific needs. Below are some steps you can take in designing your home for aging in place:

Single-Story Homes

Single story homes are highly beneficial for those who are considering aging in place. Similar to a studio apartment, everything you need is on the same floor. This arrangement allows for easier movement throughout your home and prevents you from getting injured from accidents such as slipping or falling down the staircase. With a one-story custom home, you may add as many rooms as you need with design elements that cater to your accessibility. For example, the design of low-hanging cabinets in your kitchen allows for easier access. 

Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan works well for a custom single-story house with an “aging in place” concept in mind. Among the major design elements of an open plan is the maximal inclusion of natural light. Not only will this improve your sight, but it can also improve your mood, providing you with ample scenery to gaze at throughout the year. 

Another benefit is that there are fewer doorways. If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair and other mobility device, doorways can obstruct movement, unless they are specially-built wide enough to accommodate them.

“No-Step” Entrances and Exteriors 

“No-step” entrances are meant to minimize the possibility of tripping or falling. With a no-step entry design, you will improve the ease of access that you and others have around your home. Additional measures to assist you are adding lighting so that your walkways and entrances are properly lit, especially during inclement weather. Adding ramps and railings will further minimize the risk of slips and falls throughout your home’s exterior. Furthermore, the ramps can be made with a non-slip material.

Paradigm Homes: Seasoned Custom Home Builders in Crystal City, VA

These are just some of the features that you can include in your custom home to ensure that you age safely and comfortably in your home.  Aging in Place is a design concept that requires planning carefully and managing environmental risks. You need to think of all the areas in your prospective home that could possibly make you vulnerable or uncomfortable in terms of movement and accessibility. Paradigm Homes has spent over a decade as professional custom home builders for homeowners in Crystal City and around the Northern Virginia area. Our expertise in design and construction can help you create a home that is planned to perfectly maintain you and your loved ones, as well as keep you comfortable and independent in the long run. Contact us at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our form to get started with your project.