With COVID-19 guidelines added to our daily routines, individuals around the country must constantly reflect on their well-being. Thus, homeowners are noticing how their households can further their welfare. Home and office layouts, cleanliness, and special features shape everyone’s day-to-day experiences. They affect our ability to stay healthy and productive. 

Many homeowners design their homes to bolster these life-altering details. And if you’re thinking of designing and/or building your own home, turn to our expert team at Paradigm Homes. Through our Paradigm Process, you too can enjoy a Custom Built Home like those in Falls Church and throughout Northern Virginia. Our approach affords client-builder collaboration and makes use of our team’s expertise. 

Here, we offer some tips on how to design interior spaces to boost your well-being:

Design “Healthy Buildings”

First, consider how a building itself will influence your health. The term “healthy buildings” comes from the debate around Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). The EPA defines SBS as cases wherein one building’s residents report symptoms (including headaches, dry cough, dizziness, and nausea) but lack a full-fledged illness. 

So, architects design “healthy buildings” to preclude the conditions for SBS. Its symptoms have been linked to poor air quality, particularly mold and fungi. To combat these growths, an HVAC system in a “healthy building” uses UV filters. 

“Healthy buildings” also give attention to proper ventilation, which effectively removes bacteria and pollutants from the air. As discussed before, COVID-19 has put air quality on many homebuyers’ minds. So, creating a healthy design just makes sense for your Custom Home. 

Design for Cleaning

When creating a dream home, it’s tempting to focus solely on aesthetics. Features like transom and clerestory windows are unique and eye-catching. But healthy home design asks us to re-evaluate how well such features facilitate cleanliness.

Aim to design a space that expedites the cleaning process. One way of doing so is to avoid creating hard-to-reach areas: tight corners, inaccessible seams, and high windows. Instead, incorporate flat, smooth surfaces that are much easier to clean. 

This also goes for building materials. Instead of carpeting in your foyer, place an entrance mat that’s easily cleaned or shaken out. And make high-touch surfaces out of smooth, non-porous materials (including granite and natural stone countertops) since these can be wiped clean. 

Install Healthy Features

No matter a home’s environment, people want to feel secure in its ability to preserve their health. They can help this along by adopting healthy home features such as an HVAC system with UV filters (as mentioned above). But further options exist too. 

For instance, installing proper insulation and air sealing yields numerous benefits. They improve your home’s heating and cooling abilities as well as keep the indoor atmosphere at a consistent temperature and condition. This, in turn, supports well-being. 

You can also add a concealed toilet tank. This feature has water-saving functions to help reduce your overall water usage. Plus, it reduces the number of germ-infested surfaces and is easier to clean.

Make Your Custom Built Home in Falls Church, Virginia, A Reality!

It is the ideal time to Design/Build a healthy home that supports your well-being. So, contact Paradigm Homes, and let’s get started on your Custom Built Home. Our past projects in Falls Church and throughout Northern Virginia have provided dream homes to dozens of clients just like you. Call us at (703) 476-5877 or fill out our online form and enjoy the benefits of the professional Design/Build team at Paradigm.