As homeowners and aspiring home buyers seek out homes further away from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, Paradigm Homes is here to serve your needs during this challenging time. Whether you are looking for a single-family home, multi-generational home, or Custom Built Home that’s all encompassing toward your needs, we can help you achieve it.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on industries around the world. One of those industries include the housing market. The National Association of Home Builders found that the current health crisis has amplified the housing trend of residential construction work rapidly expanding in lower density markets, which include smaller cities and rural areas. 

The high-density lifestyles revealed that the metropolitan areas were more vulnerable to the virus because of the crowded living conditions, including their dependency on public modes of transit and poor health and public sector infrastructure. The Home Building Geography Index, also known as HBGI, reported that prior to the pandemic, home construction began increasing much faster in the inner and outer suburbs. Since this housing trend existed prior to the health crisis, NAHB only expects this to increase. 

As more people stay home, many are seeking ways to improve their home comfort. Here’s a few ways you can improve your home in 2020:

Exterior Insulation

The recent stay-at-home orders has allowed Home Builders more time to improve the efficiency and aesthetic of existing homes and future Custom Homes. Exterior insulation is one of the many ways you can better your home efficiency, as it increases the building envelope tightness, reduces air leaks, and thermal bridging, also known as heat loss within smaller spaces. 

Mechanical Ventilation

These systems can improve the air quality within your home, as it allows fresh air indoors. Homeowners may adjust when the ventilation system allows air to pass through their home. Not only will it provide better air quality, but it will promote a healthier indoor environment as well.


In wetter climates, installing a rainscreen in the walls of your home will allow the sidings to dry much faster because it has the capability to manage water around your home more efficiently. This will help protect your home’s foundation while prolonging its lifespan and integrity.

Air Sealing

As you plan your Custom Home, consider air sealing to keep your heating and cooling inside rather than letting it escape. With proper air sealing in place, the Energy Department states that homeowners may save more on their heating and cooling costs.

Heat Pump

Upgrading your traditional tank water heater to a heat-pump water heater results in 50% less energy usage as reported by the Energy Department. While heat-pump water heaters help transfer heat throughout your home, they also dehumidify more efficiently than central air conditioning systems. 

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring in living spaces such as your bathroom is an incredible way to improve your home comfort, especially if your home has ceramic tiles or stone floors. Radiant heated floors are a growing trend, but may also be incorporated into the walls or ceiling of your home for ultimate comfort. 

Concealed Toilet Tank

Concealed toilet tanks in the wall are known for how much bathroom space they conserve, which is a perfect option for families who are considering building their own multi-family home. Its water-saving functions also include a dual-flush actuator that allows you to select if you want a heavy flush or light flush, which will help you save more water. Not to mention, they are also much easier to clean!

Wall-Mounted Vanity

As more and more families desire modern home designs, wall-mounted vanities are gaining in popularity. Since they are wall-mounted, homeowners have the flexibility to install them at their preferred height. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer a variety of benefits including more energy-efficiency and a tighter seal to reduce air leaks. As many casement windows offer increased security, due to their hook-shaped locks, the single sash provides homeowners with even better views. Not only will you feel safe, but you can even enjoy the view outside during any time of the year.

Paradigm Homes: Custom Built Homes in Falls Church, VA

As Forward Virginia takes place, we understand that many of you may prefer to keep your distance. Paradigm Homes continues to offer complimentary virtual consultations to help you get started on your Custom Built Home. While the above options are great elements to implement into your new home, we can provide you with personalized Custom Home features that are both efficient and aesthetically-pleasing. With our years of experience, we are proud to continue serving the Northern Virginia area with the highest-quality of customer service and Custom Home Building expertise.

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