As the economy grows and millennials enter the homeowner realm, it is important to ensure that their home layout is functional and fits their needs. While Generation X and seniors may have desired a closed concept home with one-story, millennials have their own preferences as well. 

At Paradigm Homes, we work with you to create a blueprint that encompasses every aspect of a home that you would want and need. Our skilled Custom Home Builders have spent over a decade serving homeowners in Crystal City and throughout the Northern Virginia area. A Custom Home allows you to shape the home however you want with only a few limitations. You can knock down walls to open the space up or build walls to incorporate a new room. Here are a few of the common layout preferences that millennials look for in a new home:

Open Concept 

An open concept plan makes use of large, open spaces incorporating it into rooms like living rooms and kitchens. By combining these two rooms together, it gives the illusion of a bigger home. According to an NAHB report, 50% of Millennials want an open concept in their kitchen and dining areas. 

Tall, Two-Story Structure

Due to our growing population and limited lot spaces, the demand for narrow, taller homes are gradually increasing. These infamous homes are most popular among millennials because of their availability and affordable prices in the more populated places they want to live. 

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are like small, affordable apartments. Due to student loans and the rising cost of living, these homes are the trend of the future. This also supports the nomadic lifestyle of most millennials as they tend to work remotely. All you have to do is pick up your home and go. 

Plethora of Bathrooms

After living in shared spaces such as dorm rooms, millennials understand the importance of multiple bathrooms. They are beneficial for rushed mornings where everyone is trying to get out and start their day. According to NAHB, 47% of millennials want four or more bathrooms in their homes. 

Basements are a Must

Entertaining is one of the most enjoyable pastimes, as having a place to host it is essential.  Due to this, millennials prefer to have a basement in their homes. Within the basement, you have the potential to build structures like a movie theater or a gaming nook. No matter what you are looking for in your new home, consult with our reliable Custom Home Builders at Paradigm Build Group to determine what options are best for you. 

Trust Our Dependable Custom Home Builders in Crystal City, VA

Regardless of your age, your first home should be functional and efficient to fit your needs. At Paradigm Homes, our full-service Custom Home Builders will work with you to ensure that your new home will include everything that you may need. Our Paradigm Process gives you an extensive blueprint of the expectations of each phase of the build. With our skilled team handling all of the elements, you are able to focus on making your design a reality. Contact us at (703) 476-5877 to get started on your new project today!