As the population grows, the community’s demands for a multitude of new homes is slowly surpassing their supply. People are opting for lower-rent houses so that they are able to use the rest of their money for other activities, such as entertainment or travel. However, the members of society who are unable to afford those higher-rent houses are at a loss due to the lack of available housing, causing the shortfall. But what if you truly loved the space you were living in because you were the one that created it? Would its worth shine through then? Instead of settling in a pre-built home, why not make one of your own? 

Having served many families across the greater Washington, D.C. Metro area, Paradigm Homes is ready and willing to be your expert Custom Home Builders in National Landing, VA. With 12 years of experience under our belts, our client-project focused team takes great pride in delivering to you, your dream home. Providing a slew of different services and additions, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your new home. Below are just some of the many ways that a Custom Homes will hold your heart captive:

Unique To You

The perfect home for you only exists in your head, but it doesn’t have to stay there. As you collaborate with the many professionally-trained individuals that make up our extensive team, your home will reflect your creativity and the meticulous attention that you placed into every detail of the design. Along with our experienced Custom Home Builders, it will truly be the house of your dreams.

Necessary Home Upgrades

While building your new home, keep in mind your future plans, such as traveling, as it may appeal to you in the future. In that case, you may even consider putting your home up for sale one day. That means you may want to install all valuable upgrades, for yourself and for the potential buyer. Kitchen appliances, a modern low hanging beam, and maybe a fireplace are the features that might appeal to a buyer and if it is something that you love as well, why not construct it? Consult with your Custom Home Builder to determine which upgrades will provide the most value to your home. 

Build Up Not Out

Don’t have a lot of space on the lot that you previously had or have purchased? Instead of building out, build up. Pop Top Additions will increase your home’s living space, as it will add a second or third story level. If you ever thought about having more bedrooms to host family and friends or even a sleepover for your little ones in a lofted area, then a Pop Top Addition may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

With our team streamlining the Pop Top Addition processes in the Washington D.C. Metro area, we can help you enhance antiquated properties and add square footage with bigger bedrooms on the second level efficiently. This also opens the lower floors in order to expand the kitchen and living room, making it an ideal space for entertaining your guests. 

Choose National Landing’s Highly-Rated Custom Home Builders

As more and more people start to flood into Arlington County, we want to ensure that they are settling into an efficient home style that fits their lifestyle needs. If you have a unique design in mind but aren’t sure how to bring it to fruition, allow our dependable Custom Home Builders at Paradigm Homes assist you for your house build in National Landing, VA. Together, we will turn your vision into a reality. Start on your dream home by contacting (703) 476-5877 today or filling out our contact form.