The recent development of Amazon constructing its new headquarters in Arlington is both exciting and daunting at the same time. This will create tremendous changes to the area, especially when it comes to the real estate industry. 

For us at the Paradigm Homes, we work to help new homeowners create their dream homes, while encouraging current homeowners to capitalize on the opportunity to improve the value of their home and lifestyle. We do this through our services, including Custom Home Building, Lot and Land purchasing, as well as extensive Pop-Top Additions, for residents throughout McLean and the Northern Virginia area. 

Here is why you should consider receiving a Pop-Top Addition to your home: 

Why You Should Perform An Addition For Your McLean Home

According to MarketWatch, the housing prices around McLean are rising, due to the potential increase of professionals moving in to work for Amazon, and investors seeking to purchase and rent out properties to them. 

If you own a home in McLean, this news presents an incredible opportunity to increase the value of your home exponentially. This can be done in a number of ways, such as updating various sections of your home to attract potential buyers, or even better, expanding the size of your home by building a Pop-Top Addition or other types of extensions to your home. 

Types of Additions You Should Make

To maximize your home’s value through an addition, you should first consider the aspects of your home that could be improved. Below, we provide some addition ideas for your home and describe how they can improve its value: 

Kitchen Extension: As mentioned before, one potential addition you can make is in the kitchen, one of the most important spaces to potential home buyers. If you notice that the size or number of features in your kitchen is lacking, a kitchen extension is an excellent addition choice. 

It’ll add more space to your home’s interiors, coupled with the inclusion of certain new features, such as an island countertop or new appliances, which may appeal highly to possible buyers in the future. 

Home Teardown: A home teardown can be beneficial to you, especially if existing home layouts aren’t meeting your lifestyle needs or your current home has significant structural issues. If you don’t want to opt for a whole home teardown, you can limit it to one section instead, as long as you retain your foundation or add on to it. 

A home teardown can help you bring out more value in your home by making it more efficient toward your lifestyle needs. If you plan on selling in the future, it will be more appealing to aspiring homeowners as well.

Pop-Top Addition

Finally, one of the most significant additions you can make, in terms of its effect on the value of your home, is a Pop-Top Addition. This refers to adding an extra floor on top of the highest one you currently have. Such an addition will easily increase the value of your home, as it will provide more interior square footage, and thus more bedrooms, bathrooms, and other types of rooms for inhabitants to enjoy. While you may have lived in your current dwelling for years, a Pop-Top Addition can make it appear brand new to potential buyers. 

Paradigm Homes: High-Quality Pop Top Additions in McLean, VA

Home additions are among the best ways to increase market value, and Amazon’s arrival to the McLean area will further raise such investments in your home. Buyers will be looking for homes they will enjoy for years to come, and you can offer that to them through improving the design and square footage of your home. 

Paradigm Homes is among the top-rated companies that has helped countless residents do this, particularly through our services in Custom Home construction and remarkable Pop-Top Additions to homes throughout McLean and Northern Virginia. From design to construction, we will help you transform your home, whether it is for an independent project or for the sake increasing your home’s market value. 

Contact us at (703) 476-5877, or fill out our form, and begin your home’s transformation today!