Is A Modern Custom Home Design Right for You?

The first phase in building a Custom Home is deciding on the aesthetic design you want it to have. There are numerous styles to choose from, including contemporary, colonial, Mediterranean, modern Custom Home Designs, or even blends of each. Going through the design process on your own can be a bit of a challenge, but when you work with an experienced Design/Build company, such as Paradigm Homes, it can be simplified and turned into a positive and rewarding experience.

At Paradigm Homes, we have spent over a decade serving clients across Northern Virginia, providing Custom Homes, Pop Top Additions, Design/Build services and much more. Our client-centric Design/Build process has allowed us to anticipate, be proactive, and build an aesthetically pleasing Custom Home according to the specific needs of every client. Just as we find pleasure in creating functional and stylish homes, we also enjoy taking each client’s vision and making it a reality.

When planning the design of your new home, here are a few modern home design aspects for your consideration:

Simplistic in Shape

One thing to know about modern architecture is that it was developed in response to the elegant but ornamentally cluttered styles of the past. What has made modern designs more popular has been the focus on simplifying the composition of the home’s overall design. From the exterior, modern homes feature horizontal lines, squares, and numerous large panes of glass or glass walls. Inside, an open floor plan reflects the exterior in the openness of indoor spaces, freed from the partition of walls that would have traditionally segmented your house into separate rooms. A modern home design is defined by the minimization of unneeded accents and ornamentation.  

Natural in Aesthetic

Another concept that forms modern architecture is the unity of nature and man, particularly through blurring the separation between the indoors and outdoors. As previously mentioned, this is reflected in the many windows and horizontal lines found in a modern home’s overall structure. While this allows natural light to pass through, it also reduces the boundary between a home’s interior and the environment surrounding it. Straight lines are used to accentuate and blend a home into the landscape surrounding it. Consider whether these aesthetic elements are ideal for your own Custom Home design.

Sustainable in Construction

While the modern architectural style has been around for several years, there have been recent developments that involve certain types of materials used in its construction, such as recyclable and sustainable materials, which help sustain its natural appearance. In order to complement the environment around it, elements such as wood, steel, aluminum, and stone are all used for the exterior and interior of a modern home. Utilizing these elements will not only save you more in construction costs, but it may potentially lower the amount of routine maintenance in your home as well.

Paradigm Homes: Modern Custom Home Build in McLean, VA

While these are a few of the aspects that compose a modern home design, homeowners have the option to consider each one before solidifying their Design/Build process. To reduce the stress of sifting through each attribute, partner with a skilled and experienced Custom Home Build specialist to assist you. At Paradigm Homes, our team has spent years helping clients from McLean, VA, and the surrounding area achieve the home of their dreams. We have collaborated with numerous clients in designing beautiful modern Custom Homes  and walking them through each step of the Design/Build process with ease and enjoyment.

Contact us at 703-476-5877 for a free consultation and start planning your custom home build today!

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