Multi-generational families are growing and homes that cater to them are in high demand. Multi-generational homes often consist of more than two generations residing within one household and may include grandparents, parents, and their children. 


At Paradigm Homes, we believe your home should be efficient and fully-functional. As an all-inclusive Design/Build firm that offers unparalleled services to residents throughout Northern Virginia, we ensure your multi-generational home serves your needs best. If you are considering building a Multi-Generational Custom Home in Aldie, VA, work with Paradigm Homes. We believe that an efficient Custom Home should be the result of your imagination combined with expert Design/Build experience. Below, we offer advice on building a multi-generational Custom Home. 

Why Are Multi-Generational Homes on the Rise? 

Due to many millennials marrying at a later age than usual and recent graduates opting to live with their parents longer, the need for multi-generational homes continues to grow. In addition to that, immigrants who move to America are accustomed to living with each generation. It’s also common for families to care for their aging loved ones within their own homes rather than having them live in an assisted living facility.   

Multi-Generational Home Expectations

For most multi-generational homes, around two to three generations reside in one home so space is at a premium. These generations may look like two adult generations and their children who choose to live with their families even after high school or college graduation. While having three generations in one household may seem like a tight squeeze, giving your home an upgrade with a Custom Home Build will help create a space that’s efficient for everyone. 


Paradigm Homes specializes in providing expert Design/Build services that makes your life simple. Today, older homes tend to serve old standards, and we aim to provide Multi-Generational Custom Home solutions that will allow everyone to live more comfortably. Consider working together with our Custom Home Builders to ensure your Multi-Generational Home serves your family’s exact needs.

Choose Paradigm Homes to Build Your Custom Home in Aldie, VA

Our customer-oriented process and attention to detail are what sets Paradigm Homes apart from other Design/Build firms in Northern Virginia. If you are looking to build a Multi-Generational Custom Home in Aldie, VA, or add onto your existing home in Northern Virginia, our team of certified and experienced designers can help you bring your vision to life. From our first consultation to our quality assurance inspection at every stage of the Design/Build process, your needs are our priority. Contact us today at (703) 476-5877 to get your project started!