Three Differences Between Custom Homes & Spec Homes

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While there are a variety of different homebuilders, each has their own specific services that they perform. Two of the most prominent divisions of custom home building and spec home building (in reference to “speculative home for sale”) involve similar concepts and goals, but hold differing positions on the importance of the client’s goals and selections compared to the builder’s. It is important as a potential client you understand your options and the differences they offer. 

Paradigm Homes has helped numerous residents in McLean, VA resolve the demands of seeking expert Custom Home Build services. We have also spent over a decade providing Pop Top Additions, Financing, and Real Estate Consulting. Our wealth of experience is a resource we offer to all Northern Virginia clients. In that respect, here is what you should know about the differences between Custom Homes and spec homes:

Role of the Builder

Most differences between custom and spec homes stem from the inherent role of the builder. For Custom Homes, the builder works with their contracted client and a given architect toward the construction of a home that is based on the design choices of the client. In contrast, the design of a spec home usually doesn’t involve a client or homebuyer, or at the very least involves them at a minimum depending on when they purchase the pre-built dwelling. The builder designs and constructs a home according to their choices, and then seeks a buyer to sell it to.

Choice in Custom Features

One of the basic differences between spec and Custom Homes is the extent in which the homebuyers can choose the various features that go into it, including its design style, floor plan, size and more. With a spec home, the home buyer has less of a say in these features, since the builder is the one who has full control of the materials used and it’s overall design. This can lead to some home buyers purchasing a spec house they favor, but with features that may not precisely align to the home buyer’s expectations or lifestyle.

On the other hand, a Custom Home Build is centered around the preferences of the home buyer in question, with suggestions and parameters laid out by their building contractor and architect. Thus, with a Custom Home, you’ll have a choice in every aspect of your home’s construction, which could save you quite a bit of money in the long run than if you were to purchase a finished spec house.

Level of Quality

Though this isn’t a definitive difference, the level quality between the construction of a Custom Home and a spec home can be vastly different. Spec home builders seek to make a profit from constructing and selling the houses they build quickly, which means they would likely be interested in reducing the costs of their construction in order to achieve a higher profit.

The builder may also use less than desirable finishes to reduce their overall cost. Such a possibility leaves buyers of spec homes at-risk of purchasing a house that is inherently less sustainable, resulting in them paying additional amounts for repairs and maintenance over the years.

A Custom Home Build leaves the level of quality up to the client, with assistance from a team of experts in home design and construction, ensuring that your home is high in quality, matches your tastes, and fits within your budget.

Expert Custom Home Build Services in McLean, VA

Knowing as much as you can about homebuilding overall will ensure a favorable experience in seeking to find or build a Custom Built House. Though there are many trusted custom home builders in the Northern Virginia area, it’s important to know the differences of spec homes and custom homes, so that you may best meet your personal home goals.

To assist you in developing a  first-class Custom Home Build  in Mclean, VA, hire Paradigm Homes. We have helped a great deal of clients seeking to build their dream homes through our services in Pop Top Additions, Design / Build, as well as Financing assistance. We have a deep history with the real estate and construction industries across Northern VA and can help provide you with every homebuilding service you need for your next project. Contact us at 703-476-5877 for a free consultation and begin building your dream home today.

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