Homebuyers have a vast number of options when it comes to the types of homes they want and the plot of land they desire their homes to be built on in. For those who are interested in building their home on land of their choosing, they have the opportunity to create a Custom Home that’s entirely shaped by their vision.


At Paradigm Homes, we have spent over a decade helping homebuyers design and construct their ideal home. Our in-depth experience as expert Custom Home Builders, along with our knowledge of  real estate in Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia, we can help you find the perfect lot and create the home you envisioned, all within our stream-lined process. Below, we provide some tips for Building on a Lot you own or have just purchased:

Examine Your Lot’s Conditions

Review the various aspects of your lot to the fullest extent. How big is the actual build space? Do you have good soil? Does it have a sewer line? Have utilities, such as electricity and water, been installed and prepared to connect to your home’s infrastructure? These and many other factors are extremely important to identify and confirm because of their effects on the Home Build process. Without utilities properly installed, you will need additional work to excavate, install, and connect your lot to the grid, which may raise your Home Build project above your prospective budget and schedule. 

Play to Your Property’s Strengths

Once you get your lot in order, then you have even more aspects to consider before beginning the building process. Keep in mind that the amount of planning you perform prior to beginning the process ensures that it will be as effective and efficient as possible. With that being said, after you establish the conditions that make up your lot, then you can begin thinking about the design of what will become your home.


Consider what aspects of your property attracts your personal vision. Where do you see the backyard? Is there a particular area that would make a great view from your bedroom? Which way should the house face if you want to receive optimal sunlight for roof-mounted solar panels? These are just some of the things you can think about.  

Get A Builder as Your Partner

Finally after considering all of these elements, you can officially begin searching for and proposing plans to Home Builders in your area. Check with local Design/Build companies and compare their references and portfolios to see which one aligns with your needs best. Also, look into whether they specialize in a particular environment, such as building near developed towns and cities, or in country estates and residences. Having an expert Custom Home Build professional will ensure your Home Build process runs smoothly.  

Choose Qualified Custom Home Builders in Alexandria, Virginia

When it comes to building a Custom Home on a given lot, you have many factors to address. However, having some help along the way can reduce the strain of this major task. So, if you are looking for a team of proficient Custom Home Builders for your project in Alexandria, Virginia, work with Paradigm Homes. We have spent over a decade offering Consultations, Design/Build services, and performing Custom Home Build projects for numerous clients. Our extensive knowledge and abilities have ensured that our build process provides ease and satisfaction for you and your loved ones. Contact us today at (703) 476-5877 for more information on our services.