Coming up with a new home design could be very difficult, especially if you are trying to incorporate the newest trends in 2020. If you are looking to start over and make your lifestyle more efficient, consider hiring Paradigm Homes to get your home project started. Our  expert team has experience in numerous projects, from Teardowns and complete Custom Home Builds, to Helping you find a lot, general Consulting, Design, and Financing. We are prepared to support you in every phase of your Design/Build project. Along with our services, we can help you create the ideal design for your dream home. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

Three-Tone vs. Two-Tone

For the past couple of years, two-tone kitchen cabinets have conquered trending designs. However, designers have begun changing styles. Selecting an additional third, color or material introduces an asymmetrical aspect to your interior design. One example is painting an accent wall with a darker color in contrast to a light wood kitchen with white perimeter cabinets and a powder-blue hutch, creating a truly unique design in just one space of your home. As it is with many things in life, adding a single color to your design can create the biggest impact. No matter what look you are striving for with your new kitchen design, a Home Teardown will give you a fresh start to plan a custom layout that will work best for you.

Backsplashes and Wallpaper

 A common theme with current trends is the importance of contrast and distinction. If you have a monochrome space in your home, you can jazz it up with a tile backsplash or a unique wallpaper design. Kitchens are trending away from the crisp white look, so with eye-catching patterns, you can add a layer of intricacy or boldness to any room with a simple design. For example, for a design that reaches beyond the contemporary, blend the previous idea and the use of tile backsplashes together with a floral wallpaper. This allows the three-separate toned tiles to match and produce a modern aesthetic, which is a great contrast to a monochrome indoor space.

Eclectic Walk-in Showers and Wet Rooms

While bathtubs offer many benefits, such as comfort and relaxation, walk-in showers have recently shifted in design to have a modern appearance and easy accessibility. Adding a floor-to-ceiling glass partition for your shower will also make your ceiling seem higher and your bathroom’s design to appear more open. This includes shower ledges instead of niches, which provides additional space for your shower essentials. If you can’t go without your tub or shower, why not keep both? Place a standalone tub within an enclosed shower area to offer you and your family the most versatile arrangement. If you aren’t sure what would be most fitting for your family, allow Paradigm Homes to provide you with custom options that suit align with your budget, aesthetic tastes, and ambitions for your home.

Calming Living Rooms

One thing every homeowner wants that will never go out of style is a place to rest when they come home from work. Create an open floor living room layout that’s made for unwinding by placing minimal decor elements, painting the room in lighter tones, and constructing a large, open glass window along one side, which will produce a solitary, but candid design. This year we can expect to see more vintage accents that will add a soft touch to any room, including antique furniture and art. 

Paradigm Homes: Expert Home Teardown Services in Arlington, VA

Don’t prevent yourself from obtaining the life you’ve always wanted. A Home Teardown will allow you to create a unique home that fits your vision, but it could become increasingly challenging without the right knowledge or resources. At Paradigm Homes, that has been our business for over twenty years. We help our clients by eliminating the strain of planning, scheduling, and managing the phases that go into such projects like Teardowns, Pop-Top Additions, and Custom Home Builds. Our focus is on giving you the tools and hands you need to create the dream home you desire. With our well-established process, you’ll receive an extensive blueprint that maps out what you can expect to see during our efficient Home Teardown services, as well as the Design/Build, and the construction of your new home.


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