Professional builders and designers can look at empty space and imagine how a home will appear in it, but most potential Custom Home clients lack that ability. Most also struggle to envision a structure based on design sketches or blueprints alone. In an effort to bridge the gap, Design/Build service professionals have adopted an innovative approach to help non-builders: virtual reality (VR) home design.

Below, we describe how VR can help you visualize your Custom Home even before the foundation is laid so that you can ensure every detail is to your liking:

What is VR and How Does it Apply to Home Design?

Put simply, virtual reality (VR) software is a technology that creates an immersive, digital environment. Developers differentiate it from augmented (AR) reality software in that the latter adds simulated elements into physical space. However, our home design technology uses VR.

Since building a Custom Home can feel like a leap of faith, our team offers VR to ease that jump and boost our clients’ confidence. This software gives buyers the clearest sense possible of how their home will look. If, for instance, they want to incorporate in-demand style trends, they can use VR to simulate how such features will come out.

Taking Advantage of VR for Your Custom Home

Design/Build Services Falls Church VA

Before now, our developers used 3D images to showcase ideas and designs. Such pictures provided a more realistic representation of space than traditional drawings. VR goes a step further: it brings a design to life before your lot is disturbed.

With VR, customers can see a level of detail unparalleled by 3D images. They can see how design features–including trim and paint colors–work alongside one another. They can try incorporating Smart features into their space. They can even watch how natural light influences the appearance of the room.

Perhaps most importantly, buyers can suggest additional features and new layouts before those elements become a reality. By deciding whether they like changes before construction, they can save significant time and money. 

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Design/Build Services Falls Church VA

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