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At Paradigm, we believe that a custom home should be the result of imagination combined with expert building experience. As custom home builders, Design/Build is our favorite kind of engagement with a client because we can leverage our years of design and construction experience to make someone’s dream into a tangible, beautiful, reality. The Paradigm Process revolves entirely around the client. We understand that there are literally thousands of considerations when it comes to the Design/Build process, and we’re here to help.

Our first meeting will be oriented toward gaining a better understanding of one another. Your ambitions for your custom home, your budget, your aesthetic tastes, and your design philosophy will all help us to begin this process with the right foot forward. We will guide you through the entire design process, and by the time we’re ready to break ground, you will have a granular understanding of the costs, time, and design elements associated with your new home. From our first meeting to your move-in date, we’re here for you.

Questions & Answers

Design Build refers to a company like Paradigm who manages the Design for the project along with Building the project. Design Build firms act as a one-stop shop, helping clients achieve their goals and solutions all while working with one firm.
We have found no real benefit in hiring the architect before the builder. Working with outside architects before hiring the builder typically presents a challenge, mainly because Paradigm is not involved from the start to help clients with realistic design and cost controls. We have on occasion worked with outside architectural firms, as long as we are hired from the onset to work along side the architect and engineers. It’s our opinion that you are more likely to stay within budget having the builder on your team from the beginning.
There are those out there that will argue that you keep the builder accountable and get a better price by bidding out the project. In some occasions this can be true, but in general we feel Paradigm clients benefit not only with the overall design but also with the budget in working with a Design/Build firm. Most architects do not have the full understanding of actual costs and evolution of new products and labor. Our team is constantly reviewing trends and pricing, which provides a better understand of true costs, which ultimately helps our clients stay on budget.
We always look to design to meet our client’s budget. We always start by asking our clients what their spending goals are. Discussing these goals transparently helps all the parties involved work to control costs in the design phase of the project.
The short answer is yes, as long as the client sticks with the pre-designed floor plan. We can have the plans minimally altered if you wish and in most cases design the finishes to your personal style without adding much to the budget. Any significant changes will increase the overall cost.
The Design/Build process is broken in down into two phases: Pre-Construction and Construction. The Pre-Construction phase includes the design, finish selections, final pricing and permit submissions. The Construction Phase is when the fun begins… we begin the actual work on your project. The Pre-Construction takes about 3 to 6 months depending on your projects design, your local jurisdictions permitting time and requirements. The Construction process for a Custom Home takes about 8 to 16 months, depending on the size of the home. The Construction process for a Pop Top takes about 6 months.
Yes, we’d love to help you find a lot for a Pop Top or Custom Home. We have several partners that have access to off market opportunities that can help you find what you’re looking for. Please call us to day to learn more!

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