Those who move for a new career or a major promotion tend to have a lot on their minds. Those concerns make finding a new home–on-budget, available, and in a good area–a challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, if you move to Arlington, VA, your solution may be a Custom Home from a professional Design/Build firm

Reach out to Paradigm Homes, Northern Virginia’s full-service building company that specializes in Custom Homes. Our personalized, collaborative approach places you at the center of the design and construction process. You get input on decision-making while we plan, design, and manage your home’s construction. Plus, your patronage supports our Paradigm Foundation’s work: building homes for those in need around the world.

Here, we suggest how a Custom Home Building company can smooth your transition for a career-motivated move:

Why Hire A Design/Build Firm?

The hectic pace of both finding a new home and shifting professional responsibilities pose a significant challenge. Both consume great time and attention, and many folks don’t have much to spare. So rather than hunt for your perfect home, why not create a Custom one?

Whether you want a new home from scratch or a Pop Top Addition on an existing one, Paradigm handles the process. As an experienced Design/Build firm, we help you manage the Home Building side of things. We keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Plus, our industry connections with top suppliers and skilled vendors give us access to high-quality materials. You need only tell us the specific criteria that your new home must fulfill. Consider some of the options below. 

Design Toward Your Needs

Look at your career-motivated move as an opportunity. It’s a chance to create the space you want and need in your new location. Thus, we advise you to consider some factors about your new career.

Will you want a personal study or an office to work from home? Maybe you need multiple for a number of professionals now working from home? Or maybe you need wide-open spaces to host events and networking opportunities for your company? Think about how your home can be shaped to support your career change. 

Consider A Pop Top Addition

While many folks assume a new home should be complete when they move in, that need not be the case. Your move may require a compromise: creating a small house design that supports a Second Story Addition later. That way you can afford to construct the primary sections of your home then make additions later. 

For example, we can Design/Build the first floor of your home adding a large addition and then perform a Pop Top Addition later. We can further help you create the design of your home as it is constructed in phases, following the buildup of your new career. 

Selecting A Good Location

A new career or promotion may involve more responsibilities, which means you must arrive at work on time. One way to help ensure this is by considering the location of your home. 

Though most Custom Homes tend to be built in more secluded areas, we suggest seeking lots that are accessible and quick to travel through. Plus, to ease the search process, Paradigm can connect you with one of our real estate partners

Paradigm Homes: Excellent Design/Build Services in Arlington, VA

At Paradigm, we seek to engage with our clients’ needs. If you’re undergoing a career transition, our comprehensive Design/Build service can smooth your transition to the area. Paradigm Homes has worked for over a decade in the Arlington, VA, Custom Home industry. We are experts in designing a floor plan according to client preferences and needs and undergoing construction with as little hassle as possible. Contact us today at (703) 476-5877 to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.